What is PHP Agency? The hard truth in a tough reality …

What is PHP Agency? Video ft. MoneySmartMovement team based in Oakbrook Terrace, IL (15 miles directly west of Chicago)

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It’s not easy to ignore, the financial problems we have today.

Crippling student loan debt, not enough income, living WORSE than paycheck to paycheck, GoFundMe pages for life’s emergencies, having nothing much to show for…and retirement? Not a chance…

Everyone talks about it, yet very few bring financial solutions to solve it.

Until now…

One Company dares to dream bigger and do the impossible.

One Company pushes the limits of the status quo.

One company stands above the rest and redefining an entire industry.

We are PHP Agency

While teaching the basics of entrepreneurship, PHP is equipping agents with a step by step blueprint. Tracking, reporting and accountability are key factors to business development.

PHP Agency is attracting the leading companies in the insurance industry and drawing major attention from major influencers.

PHP teaches the rules of the money game to a multicultural demographic that has been overlooked and underserved.

Most have never been exposed to what entrepreneurship can do for the typical family. PHP’s culture of competition and attention to personal development accelerates one’s success.

With the TOP compensation package in the marketplace for entrepreneurial agency builders, PHP is ushering a new era of multicultural agents.

Like world travel? PHP Agency awards top performers on exotic trips to create lifelong experiences.

There’s a reason why the rich get richer and the poor get more poor. PHP Agency is helping those take a stand and stop generational poverty by impacting those overlooked and underserved.

PHP is more than just an insurance marketing organization. It’s a mission, a cause…a crusade.

Connect with us and become part of this Movement!

Written: Matt Sapaula/Paul Escarcega
Voiceover: Matt Sapaula
Editor: Paul Escarcega
Produced: Paul Escarcega/Matt Sapaula


Matt Sapaula, is a former United States Marine turned veteran entrepreneur.

Matt helps those in transition of a new career and occupation to become an entrepreneur while acquiring the confidence, mindset and skills to win the money game.

Share in his journey to gain financial control over daily money matters and live your desired lifestyle.

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MATT SAPAULA YOUTUBE CHANNEL DISCLAIMER: Matt Sapaula is not a registered investment advisor for the offering or sale of securities nor to provide investment advice. Matt only deals in securities subject to an exemption from registration and will only provide investment services to accredited investors as defined by the Illinois Securities Act of 1953. Checkout our new merch NOW at https://7figuresquad.com

33 thoughts on “What is PHP Agency? The hard truth in a tough reality …

  1. I never received my insurance license…I'm in the process of trying to get my money back through my bank for two transactions but the one for $199.00 is out of time frame. The $199.00 I paid in the beginning…..I guess for the Exam FX….I'm assuming y'all will tell me that I gotta talk to them…but…Idk what to think about this company….It seem like it's fraudulent considering the fact that I did my part, past the test and all and never received a license. I decided not to continue because of communication issues with two of the females that I was supposed to be being helped by. Biggest waste of my time.

  2. I came here to find out why so many people are in my inbox trying to recruit me. I’ve never heard of this company and really have no idea what you are selling. Any company that focuses more on recruiting than selling has me on edge. What is the product here?

  3. Not trying to tear you down Matt, but why did your license get rewoked, or taken away from u?
    Sorry for the Bad english, not a native @7FigureSquad

  4. Any company that has to tell people how much money they will make is one you should be leery of. Any reputable company will pay your insurance training and put you on a sales plan for success. These guys just want your sign up fees. Notice how the name of the YouTube channel insinuates how much money they make because they are trying to take your attention away from the job itself. I’ve caught guys like these in their sales pitches and nailed them dead in their tracks.

  5. What a bunch of bullshit. Straight pyramid scam. They don’t make money until the person being recruited buys life insurance and then everybody get’s their cut. If I need life insurance I would prefer going to a legit company not these idiots. All those bullshit hype speeches they give are all bullshit. And for people who believe in it you most have low self esteem. If you can’t tell it’s a scam there must be something wrong with you. But you probably didn’t study hard in school and looking to this as an easy way out. Well at least I can stand back and laugh at these dumb asses believing this crap.😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Cant believe I had to go to YouTube comments section to get real reviews. Glassdoor wont allow me to view without creating an account. They've been trying to get me into an interview for a while now. I'm tired of being approached by these companies. I'm tired of my skills being the perfect beacon for companies that require me to buy in or recruit to move up. It has been so hard finding a job during this pandemic, but I'm not desperate enough for THIS.

  7. PHP is a scam!! Anyone who believe this bullshit is a fool!! They took my money, promised to get me a license from my state and never did so. When I requested my money back, they blocked me on all platforms

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