Virtualmin Installation and Configuration with CentOS 7 on Vultr

Installing and configuring Virtualmin GPL with CentOS 7 on a Vultr cloud virtual machine.

We haven’t done an installation video since the new install script and the config-system command were added, so this covers those, as well as setting up a virtual machine at Vultr (though Virtualmin runs on just about any kind of Linux server running a supported OS and the process will be nearly identical).

This video covers:

– Creating a VPS at Vultr
– Download the Virtualmin install script
– The Virtualmin install script and its options
– Using the post-install configuration wizard

If you want to sign up for Vultr, use this referral link to support Virtualmin:

If you have trouble understanding me speaking, you can turn on captions by clicking the CC button on the video; they are not auto-generated, I wrote them and they are accurate.

29 thoughts on “Virtualmin Installation and Configuration with CentOS 7 on Vultr

  1. There are not enough words to thank you and express my gratitude for how much this video helped me. I have been struggling for months to get Putty to work to, set up VPS- with no success. But, once you mentioned GIT in the video, I decided to give GIT a try- and it worked FLAWLESSLY! I was able to set up a VPS with OVH Cloud. You ROCK!!

  2. For anyone watching this after having install issues, opt for Centos7 over Centos8. I had Postfix and Let's Encrypt problems on Centos8 installs but Centos7 went much smoother.

  3. Hi, This was a fantastic video and i am now going to watch everyone of your videos. Please i need a video on the NS (Nameservers setup) mainly for setting up the servers and creating the proper records with the domain registrar. thanks again and i look forward to more videos

  4. Where is the command line argument to install ONLY virtualmin and not touch my other server packages. (example: sh –virtualmin_only)
    centOS 8 does not like to be force-fed LAMP instalation. it must be done manually and individually.
    Is there a single option to install virtualmin only? What is the command line?

  5. thank you for your time, you are a life saver and i really appreciate your efforts.

    In the last step i had an error message "Cannot write to directory /etc/webmin/virtual-server/"

    I've added the lines below in the config file "/etc/webmin/virtual-server/config"


    at least I can finish the postinstall

  6. Tried following this guide with a DigitalOcean droplet but can't seem to login after installation. The droplet I have setup uses ssh key to login and not a password, so how it's possible to login to vitrualmin after installation?

  7. when I select Re-Check Configuration: give me the error—– (Virtualmin could not work out the default IPv4 address for virtual servers on your system. You will need to update either the Network interface for virtual addresses or Default virtual server IP address fields on the module configuration page.)

  8. I couldn't figure this out. I have spent hours working on setting virtualmin up and still I have not nailed it down. My porblem is I am not able to access my websites after I create them as virtual servers. I also noticed my ip address in virtualmin itself is What am i doing wrong and how to fix this? FYI, I am very new to virtualmin. Help any1? And oh yeah I have looked in the internet for answers but I could not find what I am looking for. My problem are 1) I cant access website it gives me the "page can't be displayed" 2) unable to access virtualmin gui if I am not on the machine where my server is hosted.

  9. Great Videos Joe, thanks for your efforts. Could you add some video(s) about DNS setups. Currently I manage my DNS outside of Virtualmin, a mixture of Cloudflare and Registrar based DNS. It would be nice to better understand how setup Virtualmin as the primary source with those other DNS providers reading the details from the server running Virtualmin / bind.

  10. when i was trying to install $sudo /bin/sh
    it was showing that
    ▣□□ Phase 1 of 3: Setup

    [ERROR] Your OS is not currently supported by this installer.

    [ERROR] You can probably run Virtualmin Professional on your system, anyway,

    [ERROR] but you'll have to install it using the manual installation process.

    can you give sometips regarding to this errors.

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  12. Virtualmin is very nice development and people need to support! indeed i use it as newbie around a year and still seems fine… i believe it should have some pay button on panel in order people give support by clicking… We need to give support to this team.

  13. Nog quite happy about this tutorial. I followed exactly what you showed yet I got nameserver issues now. On forum someone asked if I allow-query in /etc/bind/named.conf.options.. Like I know? I was expecting this working out of the box like cPanel.

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