I just want to passively consoom infotainment about something I don’t even care about for hours a day. If you dare to question my hypersocialized grifter lifestyle, or my cargo-culted nerd status, or the fact that I am always trying to patrol my superiors, I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been approved for TOXIC!

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47 thoughts on “The TOXIC LINUX COMMUNITY!!!!!!!

  1. Linux facebook group in my country, every day mocking Windows and Mac OS users, did something simple in Linux and showing off like it is a very complex thing 😁😁

  2. 99.9% of them ONLINE are like birds. They immediately flock to the video wih the keywords “Windows,Microsoft,Google” (you can look it up for yourself) and solicit about “how linux is the peak of society” and “how bill gates is satan who will steal your soul if you use their software” and spam dislike any video promoting microsoft made by a small youtuber. I like that linux is free and open source and there's a lot of distros you can choose from but like I'm happy with windows 10 I respect your opinion and I like it but like just don't harass me. And like the 0.01% are actually cool people like they are actual Chads who dispise those type of people which is really confusing cause there is no middle ground here.

  3. The community:

    Me: asks some doubt on Linux

    Them: 2 useful comments and the rest of the comments is all about how useless I am and how I should jump off a cliff and die

    The only ones who really helped me are comments from linuxquestions from 2007

  4. Here's what I've experienced in the past when dealing with other Linux users on forums: I'll ask what the best distro will provide the best starting point for gaming out of the box. I will be then advised that I’m stupid for asking because you can fully customize any distro. I’ll then say, OK, I’ll just use Linux Mint and they’ll say: “NO! LINUX MINT HOLDS BACK CERTAIN UPDATES YOU IDIOT!!”. So they won’t suggest a distro, but they will knock back my suggestions… It’s like walking on egg shells out there. This is what I would consider elitist/toxic behavior.

  5. This is similar to what commies refer to as "lifestylism"

    They like aesthetics and signaling over substance. It's frankly a postmodern plague

  6. Runner up for most annoying grifters: the “works in tech” subgroup who think RedHat is hot shit and the only “production ready” distro. They then install RedHat with gnome (not minimal) for a headless sever with no x11forwarding because they just don’t know the basics

  7. i think that linux people are toxic mostly. thats why i personally stay away from linux themed irc channels.
    basically all these people do is bragging how good they are and trying to show that they know more about linux than the other people there.

    i consider myself a normie. i started off with debian 3.0 and used most of the distros at one time. nowadays as i get older, i just want things to work, so i use ubuntu.

    like i said, i have seen so many linuxers (in rl and online) who base their identity on the fact that they know so much about linux. i would say that 75-80% of linux users are toxic.
    its like they all want to sell you their stuff. when you go to a linux forum and ask about a problem you have, one of the first answers you get will always be "why dont you use my distro? why dont you use the program i use?" instead of people actually trying to answer your question.

    its like you go to a car repair shop with your toyota car and people there say "why dont you use a tesla?"

  8. I'm in college for Computer Engineering and I am EXTREMELY interested in the ethics of free software and to ditch all the Spyware and to actively LEARN to make configuration files and enjoy the different kinds of technologies, kernels, all that jazz. I WANT to learn, but I'm just too scared of these people you talk about. I distro-hop, I research all the different linux distros, tools, even in the BSD area to try to find something for me to go upon and extend my knowledge in a more hands-on way. I want to be with others who could give me their advice on where to start and all that good stuff, and I REFUSE to be the toxic individuals who start things just for the sake of their laziness.

    Like I said, I'm wanting to be an engineer, I'm absolutely fascinated with everything tech, but there's just no way I can stick to one distro. I don't do it on purpose, I want to actually KNOW what I'm doing and what I should do to fix it, but either nobody tells me what I'm doing wrong, or they tell me off for being wrong but not tell me their opinion on their "right way." It's all confusing and frustrating but I'm glad I found this channel with someone who can at least explain the big picture with very nice and active followers. I'm I'm instant fan and I'd love to know more and to help others in anyway I can

  9. Using <insert distro here> and installing proprietary software like Steam, Discord etc. is still better than using Windblows 10 with the same software.

  10. This rant told me more about you than the toxic linux community in the title. Well, you are toxic. Complaining about normal users "who do not know how to exit vim" and "install chrome".

  11. I agree with you mostly, but how on earth does not knowing how to use vim make a toxic linux noob who doesn't know that GNU exists and is part of a cult? Vim is a fucking text editor. You edit text with it. Learning ten thousand different combinations just to edit text can seem just not worth learning for some people. I get why people use vim. I can see that if you learn it it will make you more efficient of whatever, but it's a fucking text editor.

  12. Who are these people specifically? Maybe you spend too much time on social media. I haven't came up on any SJW Linux types on YouTube unless, Luke Smith, Gardiner Bryant and Mental Outlaw are toxic.

  13. These people are the kind of people who just use Linux just to get attention from people they are around (usually people who don't even care and end up getting pissed off hearing it).

  14. I don't care about Linux, its just a tool to me like a wrench to work on my car. I care about my dog. It is funny how people on help forums will knock the way you ask a question, you correct it via there concerns, and they don't even answer it afterwards. I imagine many spend way to much time online and get warpped.

  15. I didn't relate to much, but the elitist part man that was soo relatable! Except that I usually find it the opposite. Usually the ones with the enthusiast distros like Gentoo and Arch, are the elitist types, or atleast the ones in the comment sections on YouTube.

  16. I think you're describing "larpers." They consume just enough information to help them perform whichever role they're embracing at the moment, weird internet-people bullshit.

  17. Hahah. I loved this.
    Personally I'm going to be mean here. But yeaaaah there is a Linux community. It is something we have in common. It's a word meaning.
    I also don't really care which distro anyone uses or what software they use. Do as you please. You have the freedom.
    That is what, for me, Linux is all about.
    Really love the CLI. but still need the GUI. Some of us are gamers. We need steam. We will use discord. That is how we communicate with our friends who might not even know what an OS is.
    Some of us are content creators. or maybe even security testers.
    Noone should be outcast for using the tools they need to do the job they want done.
    Oh and BTW I use Arch XD I'm really proud of it. I am doing CompTIA Linux+, LPIC1 and LPIC2.
    I really love using Linux and i would like to use it to generate an income as a sys admin or something.

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