Ejemplo de: Por que no usar Linux Mint

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#6 – cd command on Linux CentOS 8

Learn how to change directories in linux cento 8. cd command is used to change directory and lets you move from one directory to another. You have to type cd … Read More

#5 – ls command on Linux CentOS 8

ls command is a basic command in Linux used to list files and directories. ls command comes with so many arguments and features like you can sort files and directories … Read More

How to Explore Linux using Live Images (ISO) for Beginners Who Want to try Linux!! [2021]

How to Explore Linux using Live Images (ISO) for Beginners Who Want to try Linux Today! This Linux Beginners guide will show how using Live Images and Live Desktop Environments … Read More

How to Set Up SSH through Putty on HassBian

In this episode I am going to show you how to set up Putty on a raspberry pi that is loaded with HassBian. _ Hello everyone, my name is Brandon, … Read More

Python Text RPG (Part 7) – Example Game + File (.py)

Due to popular request, here is an example project I made years ago off of this Python3 game template. Link to file: https://github.com/bbtong/python-text-rpg Debugging support: https://quorum.chat/bryan Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/btong Licensing information … Read More

People Angry About Elon Musk Hosting SNL…

Clip from Lew Later (Apple Warns of an “Imperfect Fit”) – https://youtu.be/9UWWu37Nw7c