Kirill Pleshakov CGI Compositing Showreel 2020

The work I’ve done. without crazy Youtube compression: [email protected] 2017 – Screen sharing VFX training on: Write your comments – I read them all Social Media: … Read More

How to make Snake in Java – Part 1: Making the Window

Check out my new Kotlin tutorial series: How to make snake in Java! In this video we create the window and main loop. GitHub repository: Thumbnails by:

Nvidia NVENC for OBS Studio and Simple Screen Recorder on Debian 9 Stretch

In this tutorial I install and configure Nvidia NVENC feature in OBS Studio and Simple Screen Recorder to enable hardware video encoding while streaming games to Twitch or Youtube. This … Read More

Control Raspberry from Mac with SSH as CLI

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How to Fix AMD GPU Radeon Screen Tearing in Debian, Linux Mint and Ubuntu

How to remove those horizontal lines tearing your screen when playing a video file or 3D game on AMDGPU / Radeon graphics. Screen tearing test: Support my work: Follow … Read More

Architect Linux Arch Linux Install Notes:

Latest DWM (6.2) on minimal instalation of Debian 10 (stable)

Today I’m gonna show You, how to install the latest version of DWM – the tiling window manager on minimal installation of Debian 10 GNU/Linux using GIT, gcc and few … Read More

Programming Breakout Game in Java – Tutorial 2/2

Let’s program breakout in Java. In this video I will show you how to create Breakout in Java step by step. I use the programming environment eclipse. I divided the … Read More

Debian 10 GNU/Linux – How to set GRUB and Linux Console display resolution

Today I’m gonna show You, how to set GRUB and Linux Console display resolution, so it’s gonna persist system reboot. Thank You for watching. Software used to create this video: … Read More