Nvidia NVENC for OBS Studio and Simple Screen Recorder on Debian 9 Stretch

In this tutorial I install and configure Nvidia NVENC feature in OBS Studio and Simple Screen Recorder to enable hardware video encoding while streaming games to Twitch or Youtube. This … Read More

Scratch Junior Programming | Part 2 | How to use Set Speed & Start on Tap Blocks in ScratchJr

In this video, two important blocks of ScratchJr Programming Language “Set Speed” and “Start on Tap” are discussed in detail, these blocks are very important to develop games and create … Read More


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Top 10 Fantastic Volleyball ACES by Samantha Bricio (Samy) | Powerful Server

Top 10 Fantastic Volleyball ACES by Samantha Bricio (Samy) | Powerful Server Top 10 Fantástica de Voleibol de ASES por Samantha Bricio (Samy) | Servidor Potente Samantha Bricio (born November … Read More

How hosting the Olympic and Commonwealth games has changed Australia | ABC News

Australia has a rich history of hosting the biggest events on the planet. Two Olympics and five Commonwealth Games. In fact no country has staged the Commonwealth Games more times. … Read More

JorDan vs Modri – Masters of Arena 6 (Hosted by JonSlow and DracKen)

Full series: https://youtu.be/TAHVABk3xIs Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition (AoE2: DE) content broadcast live on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/Nili_AoE Tweets by Nili_AoE https://www.facebook.com/NiliAoE/ https://discordapp.com/invite/pQG8txM Be sure and ‘Follow’ to make sure you … Read More

Orden, Entwicklungen und Team Galaktik – Pokémon Perl | GAMES vom 12.04.2021

In einer neuen Ausgabe von Pokémon Perl, macht Wadi endlich seinen ersten Orden in Erzelingen. Außerdem entwickeln sich zwei seiner Team-Pokémon und er bekommt es mit Team Galaktik zu tun. … Read More