Shutdown QNAP via SSH

Step by step introduction for using SSH to shutdown your QNAP device.

Protect the filesystem of your NAS and prevent data loss in the case of long lasting power outage.
How to setup a new QNAP device in OPMONis and test the automatic shutdown if the UPS falls below a configured threshold.
What is this video about?
00:00 Intro
00:20 Problems with an abnormal shutdown
00:41 QNAP TS-451D
01:03 QNAP Settings, allow SSH
01:17 SSH Console
01:27 QNAP Management Console Menu
01:37 Shutdown /sbin/poweroff
01:54 OPMONis: Add new QNAP System
02:25 OPMONis: Enter SSH Command (poweroff)
02:58 OPMONis: Test QNAP shutdown
03:24 Thanks for watching

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Howto: Shutdown QNAP NAS via OPMONis using SSH


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