Saying Goodbye to the Halo 3 Servers (2022)

Well bois, after 14 years, It’s time to say goodbye to Halo 3’s multiplayer. It was filled with wonderful memories. Decided to upload this one instead of the other one just due to the fact, it was very rough listening to the audio.


Halo 2- Final Xbox LIVE Sigh Off – 16th, 2010

SpongeFreakDX –

A Wholesome Conversation on OG Halo 3 Before Servers Shutdown
Nitny –

Funny Pregame Lobby Chat

“My Xbox 360 Friends list (See if you can find yourself on here)
Bw rosas –

Reach BETA Official Hoodie Avatar

BioAcidProductions –

33 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to the Halo 3 Servers (2022)

  1. That Last night playing halo 3 360 online was one of the best times playing online. Soo many people weren’t fighting they were just chilling and hanging out its such a awsome game i whent from finishing my final achievement to teaming up on big team where i was caught teabagging the enemy but istead of killing me they just watched. Then to fall asleep playing it to waking up to realise that the servers were down never to be played again. Im not crying because it ended im crying because it happened and i was part of it.

  2. it is unfortunate that something we all hold dear to our hearts has finally Fallen.

    but this isn't the time to despair we will mourn for a time and reflect on the memories, we made the friends and enemies, we spent sleepless nights having good matches on a game that seems to never end, the doubles and triple kills the teabagging The overkills and Killing sprees all mean something different to all of you back at the heyday.

    and now it's time to pass down the torch to the new generation they may not have the same amount of respect all the understanding we had, it is an end to an era and for some the last pillar of their childhood but the most important thing is we had fun for better or worse these memories will never die.

    "never forget"

  3. Holy shit guys i wasn’t expecting the views or the comments! Honestly, reading a lot of comments has made me so nostalgic and happy. A lot of these games are super special to us and I’m so happy you guys liked the video and also felt the same way!!

    P.S. Always down to play online on Xbox!
    Hit me up and let’s get down on some halo!!
    Gamertag = xHalo3Gamefuelx

  4. we and you were spartans we always may not win the fight but at least we tried and sometimes we won but it seems for me and noble team we will be gone for a while but remember the great memories we gave you and never forget.

  5. Yup there goes my childhood and my first and only Halo game that I have played man so much good time and memories back then and I even grow up with Halo 3 into now have to say goodbye to the best Halo that I have ever enjoyed playing…..

  6. Spartans. Good things always come to an end. I hold this game so close to my chest and heart.
    It was an honor serving with you all.
    We finished the fight. We sent her out with a bang.

    See you on the battle field in infinite.
    marathondude- signing off.

  7. bro as soon as i seen that the servers were unavailable, i teared up so badly, and i never cried that hard before in my life, its truly heart crushing. and thank you so much for making this! hopefully this video gets more attention

  8. halo 2 was the first game i’ve ever played, I played all the other ones on the 360. it is sad that its all going away, the xbox 360 was my childhood.
    Its been fun, heres to new memories!

  9. I managed to play this morning before work got crazy. I’m so sad that it’s gone but I will never forget the memories I’ve made. I’ve played Halo 3 since I was 15-16 with my old account. Now 25. Wasn’t the best player. But still kicked ass. If you saw Nintendo64boi that was me. Crazy how time flies and I was happy to be back online one last time. Halo 3… thank you…. We will never forget you. Halo reach…you did me well too.. but Halo 3 will always have a special place in my heart

  10. Man I remember getting my first 50 in lone wolves. Playing with my best friend everyday and night over summer vacation. Walking to 7/11 late at night to get honey buns and energy drinks and junk food. Fuck now I work full time and have a wife and a house. Not that I don’t love those things too but it was just such a simpler time. Halo 3 made me forget about any and all problems and transported me into a different world. Asbestosmoth was my gamer tag

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