Python Django Student Management System Part 1 | Introduction

Python Django Student Management System Part 1 | Introduction
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2.Database Design

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37 thoughts on “Python Django Student Management System Part 1 | Introduction

  1. Hi Super Coders, thanks for the video. I would like to ask is it possible to use twilio in this project? I want to send notification(like results) straight to students cellphone number. How to go about it, do you have video that cover twilio in Django?

  2. thanks for this tutorial, pls i tried to download the template but is not loading the css and javascript. also use it in my projects according to the video but still not loading the css and javascript. pls help

  3. I thank you very much for these tutorials. From the very beginning through to the end product. Thank you once again for your time and knowledge. God bless you abundantly.

  4. Hey super coder thanks for the wonderful video, but you know another important features of a complete student management system is supposed to have payment gateway for school fees payment(or any other payment) and classroom where teachers and students can interact. From video number 28 you said you will solve the classroom issue in the next video but you didn't make mention of the payment gateway.

  5. Just say wow.. at the starting.. Super.. Super Coder.. Let me go thought all. I am very excited to learn from here as I am newly learning Python Django.. would it be my own for use..

  6. I think it would be best to include school year. Since every year results gives different performance. As well as ladder for being freshman to graduating. Thou this is just based on the model in the introduction.

  7. please create a video in which tell us how to clone this project from GitHub and then run in the local server. Please I'm unable to use your source code to check its functions in localhost. Thank you very much

  8. Thank U very much Brother You are Great. main ne bohat se youtube channel dekhy hain aur tutorial dekhy lakin koi b support provide nai krta sath …..aap best teacher ho student ko complete sikhaty ho ,Great Thank U error solve krne k liye.

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