7 thoughts on “Programming Project: Map Maker

  1. Have you tried looking into GIS? There are some programs like ArcGIS and QGIS that are built for creating maps with spatial data. They are not script heavy so its is fairly easy to learn.

  2. Waaaaading through
    warm canals and pools clear blue
    the Tuscarawas flow into
    the prairie land

    Riiiiiiding back
    wear the highway met dirt tracks
    the ground is now cement and glass
    and far away

    Heal her soul
    Carry her, my aaaaangel

  3. Many counties in the east are modeled on Jefferson's grid system, where he proposed each county would be 36 square miles divided into square mile plots that could be sold to settlers, but reserving the plot in the center for education and administration. I don't know if any county is actually 36 miles square, but there is a consistency until one gets far enough west that the landscape and climate made such planning undesirable.

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