Phasmaphobia: FIX Failed to Connect / Server Version Mismatch

Want to play Phasmophobia with your friends, but unable to join a lobby? Can’t join the lobby? Server version mismatch? Well, this video covers a ton of fixes that you can try. You’ll be back in-game with your friends in no time!

0:00 – Explanation
0:15 – Fix 1: Verify numbers
0:35 – Fix 2: Checking/Reset region
0:52 – Fix 3: Public then Private lobby
1:11 – Fix 4: Hard reset region again
1:32 – Fix 5: Beta / Non-Beta version
2:25 – Fix 6: Verify files
2:50 – Last resort: New lobby, Switch to/from Beta

#Phasmophobia #VoiceChat #Fix
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30 thoughts on “Phasmaphobia: FIX Failed to Connect / Server Version Mismatch

  1. i have this problem when i'm trying to play multiplayer, it says "failed to get steam account information, your equipment has been returned to you". then I can only click "resume". when I try playing singleplayer, it says "unknown username" where it's supposed to say my username. i've tried everything, restarting my laptop, restarting steam, verifying integrity of game files, clearing steam download cache. nothing works.

  2. man i have a problem like im clicking mode multiplayer and im waiting and on screen is "connecting…" and after 10 sec on screen showing error disconnected server timeout pls help me

  3. Okay so this is what I did to get this to work, may or may not work for you fellas. I logged into my router, and adjusted the firewall from low to off. Then turned it back on to low after saving changes… then the servers loaded. Not sure if this will help you.

  4. tried all of that and it still won't work. I can't see any severs or make private games….tried everything but nothing. I updated it, redownloading it, twice, use different wifi. The only thing it will let me do is the training. I can't even play solo. I don't know what to do. I have no VPN and the firewall is all good. it just won't work

  5. i need some help about some issues, me and my brother can't play because he keeps on disconnecting and his head on team sanity is not popping up. how do you fix this problem? btw i'm using a pc with a lan cable and my brother is on a laptop with a wireless connection

  6. Hello! In your video about Windows DVR, If DVR bar puts pressure on GPU for recording, then can it be seen in taskmamager? Such that DVR process having some numbers associated with it!?

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