23 thoughts on “Learn How to Program Perl – Lesson 2

  1. Hey I really liked your tut, 'twas very useful for learning the syntax.

    I'd love to see more lessons, especially one about processing text with regular expressions. Do you think you could make one?

    Greetings from Mexico!

  2. Sooo… In the example used here I could call the subroutine even though it was written further down in the document, apparently because the & before the subroutine name.
    When I tried the examples that come with padre I got an error instead that told me I have to predefine the subroutines. Yes even with using the & before the subroutine name.
    The hell? I dont get it.

  3. It looks like you're using Shell/BASH scripting here, which is probably part of your problem. Windows is not going to understand a shell command, as it doesn't have bash (unless you're using cygwin).

  4. Hmm…I don't know offhand how to do that, but I'd be happy to try to find a solution and get back to you. I assume you want the UNIX/Linux "cancel" command to function in the program?

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