Intel wants a piece of the GPU market, and Github Copilot's code is unsafe – Linux News August 2021

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This time, we have Intel announcing gaming-grade GPUs, multiple new distro releases, and Gihub Copilot producing unsafe code.

00:00 Intro
01:34 Linux News
04:12 Open Source News
06:47 Apps News
08:04 Hardware News
09:03 Gaming News
10:18 Privacy News

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## Linux
Zorin OS 16 was released.

Manjaro 21.1, codename Pahvo, was released as well.

Linux celebrated its 30th birthday, and Linus Torvalds was interviewed for the occasion.

The Linux Kernel version 5.14 was released.

Linux Kernel 5.14 Released, This is What’s New

## Open Source
The MAUI Framework, and its associated apps, have seen a new release, version 2.

Maui 2 Release

MATE 1.26 was released, with a few nice improvements, including initial support for wayland.

I mentioned it last time, but this time, it’s live: the gnome apps website has been launched.

Github Copilot’s code is found to be very vulnerable

## Apps
LibreOffice 7.2 was released, and it’s a big one, with huge compatibility and performance improvements.

LibreOffice 7.2 Released with Big Performance Improvements

Claudio Cambra, who is working on a nice visual update to Kalendar, has shown a few screenshots of the new Todo View of the app.

Say hello to your new todo app! – Kalendar week 11 (GSoC 2021)

## Hardware
Intel announced their future line of consumer, gaming-grade GPUs, all grouped under the name “Arc”.

## Gaming
Proton 6.3-6 was released, with updates to Mono, DXVK, VkD3D and Faudio.

Wine 6.16 was released.

## Privacy
It’s more of a “monopoly abuse” topic, but Windows 11 seems intent on making users lose their minds, as they’ll make switching their default browsers even harder.

22 thoughts on “Intel wants a piece of the GPU market, and Github Copilot's code is unsafe – Linux News August 2021

  1. Hey Linux experiment which video l you use on Linux because I am an international film editor using Linux but couldn't find any….

    I tried davinci resolve but so MP3 and MP4 are not supported, also tried with FFMPEG but that was really frustrating Harrison and not working at all!

    kDEnlive is very outdated and very irritating so I hate it a lot !

    I want a user interface live davinci resolve which makes me feel like I u I am driving a rocket !

    Please let me know what you use to edit videos on Linux and if you use davinci resolve then how you use MP3 and MP4 files in davinci in Linux !

    Please help!!

  2. Too bad about the Browser default settings in Windows 11. Good thing for me is I decided to use Edge as my default Browser any way in Windows so will not be a big deal for me if I upgrade in the future.

  3. (8:59) Intel codenames "Alchemist", "Battlemage" (Battle Mage), "Celestial", and "Druid". I wonder if Intel's graphics team have been enjoying fantasy RPGs while still wanting to be able to refer to or reference their generations alphabetically.

  4. I've seen a ton of AI generated material across many different categories and from many different qualities of training and architecture. I would never fully trust AI by default to do programming.

    AI simply doesn't work on a basis of understanding what it's doing. It's more like an artist's feelings; like how a good artist can look at a drawing, and immediately see where things look wrong. Like a computer given the ability to have hunches.

    AI can be good at some kinds of art. But only art that doesn't require it to understand the subject matter. It have work out rules, but it can't figure out why those rules are there, and when they should be broken and followed. It doesn't have a broad background knowledge base, to give it context and insight. For now.

    People are working on solving those problems. But a lot of people are also just looking for things AI can be trusted to help with right now.

    Right now, I think AI generated works can be useful as a source of inspiration for your own work. So long as you already know how to do that work in the first place. Just add a little (or a lot) of random variance into the AI interface, and you suddenly have a slew of potential new ideas to explore. Rough ideas.

  5. You put Microsoft browser selection saga under privacy report WTF.. I thought they did something worst than the actual news you reported.. Changing default browser is not a privacy issue.. all the browsers collects data including Firefox and they still give users options to opt out.

  6. When Intel hired Raja Koduri away from AMD and announced it was working on discrete GPU solutions, it still wasn’t clear exactly when the company would enter the market. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has told analysts that the company intends to enter the market in 2020 — a slightly faster time frame than Nvidia or AMD may have planned on, and one with potential ramifications for both companies.
    You are explaining it very nicely I loved your explanations
    Nice video brother😊
    In future if I will need help please support me brother🙏

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