I Became the Lead Programmer in the Shop… but I Don't Know How to Program

Crazy situation where we need some of the most complex rocket parts in the world to be programmed and cnc machined, but had nobody with the experience… someone needed to step up. Story takes place about 10 years ago…

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48 thoughts on “I Became the Lead Programmer in the Shop… but I Don't Know How to Program

  1. I am one man cnc team and this is truly inspiring ! Richard Feynman is my god of physics and Titan is my god of cnc's. Thanks mr. for sharing your up's and down's and helping us grow.

  2. Kinda similar to my situation. I ran wire Edms for a year then mills for 3 years before I got into programming. So I knew what the machines were capable of before I started programming and it was a pretty easy transition for me

  3. That's how I started, just taking existing programs from a family of parts and modifying for differences in sizes. Single line on a Mitsubishi meldas controller about like a fanuc 15.

  4. I learned programming in a similar way. I've been a machinist for 16 years now. And at our shop 1 guy typically runs 2 or 3 machines at a time. I taught myself programming in the 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there while machines were running. I had a good support structure too. My boss who did all our programming at the time would answer any questions I had.

  5. What annoys me the most is seeing some of these younger guys/gals loose that fire because of the management. They'll be trying so hard to improve and take the shop to that next level but get stifled. I've been going on 10 years in the trade and I try to tell them keep at it and maybe find another place and continue growing. Because this can be a rewarding career/trade. I don't want to see some of the smartest kids that showed me cool stuff, lose that fire.

  6. Titan, you, your family and your company serve as a monument to what i am trying to create within my own family, the company i work for and the future i am creating. Cycle, by cycle, part by part, and moment by moment. Thank you for who you are and what you do, and thank you for bringing America with you.

  7. I love cnc machining , cad/cam and I love my job but I hate working for people everywhere I work is the same old stuff of bad management and unrealistic time scales (bad planning). You have inspired me to try to set up my own work shop with me and my work friend Any tips would be greatly appreciated p.s. keep up the great videos

  8. I'm working through y'all's Academy after getting my Tech Cert in Machine Shop/CNC.
    Before this I only modified and created little models for tools and toys around the house, but goodness if I am not obsessed with CNC!

  9. I do all my machining on old school machines in my shop. Gives me pride keeping everything up and working them. It's what I live for. I don't want to use cnc but I do want something that can cut steel sheet and wood to exact spec…… What machine would you recommend? Or vendors that are great to work with?

  10. I've been doing setups for the past 2 years on 3 and 4 axis lathes. Nearly begging for experience/training in programming and CMM operations. I'd love to have the oportunity you gave to Tyson.

  11. Fact that Tyson had been hands on and setting up – running prior 4 years made this a simple logical progression. He was pushed out of his comfort zone and rose to the occasion on account of many things, foremost a sense of responsibility and humility. Luckily he was ready and thanks to their shop having 5S ingrained from the start made things easier for everyone. The guy that left was overwhelmed, he should of reached out for help but ego.

  12. Similar kinda story, my dad had 2 waterjets and I just came out of school (machining but pretty much only conventional)
    Almost no experience, worked in a CNC shop for 9 months as a beginner but I just mainly did conventional lathe work
    And then I started working for my dad, learned everything about the waterjet and programming it
    And then we wanted to do CNC milling and turning.
    Bought the machines, went to a 2 day CAM course
    Machines came in the shop and I shat my pants
    I couldn't do this, I can't even calculate feed rate 😛
    So we started, I had pretty much zero experience
    I couldn't ask anyone for help in our shop because I was the only 'machining' guy
    Honeslty, this was the best that could have happened to me
    Yes I was insecure a lot of times, Yes I worked way to much overtime because I couldn't keep up by myself, Yes I underpriced quotes big time because I couldn't tell how long a part would take, Yes I was just googling stuff 3 hours a day every day
    It made me learn fast, It made me indipendent, it made me more creative and more confident
    Now 6 years later there is nothing I can;t make or programm of design
    just because I had no one to ask for tips
    It made me really indipendent and really made me figure out stuff on my own
    I always was a creative person, good with computer programms
    But I'll tell you this, the internet and youtube and stuff like Titan is what made me who I am
    I learned so much stuff through the internet it is insane
    And to this day every night I'm looking to video's like this, like Edge Precision, like whatever youtuber and I keep learning
    I love this trade, I really do
    Thanks Titan

  13. I can remember my dad teaching me to program, standing at a LeBlond mill, looking at the blueprints and having to figure out every move in my head then type in the codes. My dad learned on anold NC tickertape Monarch. Cad programming has completely changed the game in machining.

  14. The apple don’t fall from the tree. This story is a beautiful example of a healthy father son relationship. Fathers teach their sons how to be a responsible man. The lessons of work ethic, self confidence, responsibility, patience and compassion come first from Dad and are reinforced by all the mentors a young man meets in their life.

    Well done on the job Tyson and well done Titan for helping create a valuable, capable and skilled young man.

  15. lol cad cam programing , i'm programing everything by hand on the haas lathe's , thats the best way to learn programming and realy understand it,but after 3 years my fingers are verry fast on the buttons like bum bum bum , program is done , start :), yeah i know you cant do interpolation parts without cad cam like a hexagon or other shapes with live tooling , just the basics

  16. Can't count on employees at all nowadays. Too much movement, changing careers, BS etc. right now. The people that show up for work are having to do other peoples jobs. Like me. My boss called in ??? yesterday. Ug.

  17. Problem is great guys like him end up being treated poorly and feel taken advantage of,,, been there many times, be good to him are someone else will are if he's really smart you will be bidding against him

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