HOW TO MAKE A TTT SERVER (Windows 10) (2020!)

ULX Admin Mod:

TTT Maps:

GMAD Extractor:

How to make Garry’s mod server:

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32 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE A TTT SERVER (Windows 10) (2020!)

  1. For anyone not wanting to do the extraction then you can add a collection your self to the server and it will "subscribe" to it just like a player would.

  2. 6:00 what do you need to press to get that menu to pop up? Also, none of the textures are missing when I boot up the map, along with some missing models (followed these tutorials to a T)

  3. u dont need gmad… just use the steamapi in combination with a workshop collection to add all the maps to the server… its easier and you can add a lot more with way less effort…. also you can add addons and not only a map…

  4. Might be a stupid question – How do I add friends this server? In other words what is the point of this? How can others connect to this? Thanks. I just want to be able to play TTT with friends using a map vote addon.

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