How to Choose a Domain Name that ROCKS!

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Choosing the right domain name can be extremely important to the success of your online business. Many new online marketers make the mistake of not putting enough thought and research into their domain name selection. It’s best to choose domain names that are easy to remember so keep them short and lose the hyphens if possible. Also put some thought into which top level domain extension you will go for and always try to get a .com if available.

You also want to make sure the domain accurately represents your brand, describes your products of services, or is optimized for your site’s main keyword for SEO purposes.

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8 thoughts on “How to Choose a Domain Name that ROCKS!

  1. You only have 2 second get your name across. What it does.( So many times I will be listening  to the radio 3:00Am. Very smart person give out their website for their book, the website name is a mile long, every time. 3 million people LOST, out.

  2. It really depends how much traffic, backlinks, etc. you have on you current url. If you already have an established site then you may just want to leave it. However, if it is a brand new site then it may be worth changing. Keep in mind, exact match domains don't rank as well as they used to. It may be best to go with a non-exact match branding domain nowadays.

    I would avoid trying to rank subdomains. They generally don't do very well especially if the main domain isn't ranking.

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