High Vibe Music. Songs for Spiritual Path of Awakening, Happy, Positive Programming, Good Vibrations

This video is all about the importance of positive programming from our music while on the spiritual path or awakening, and the songs and artists I love to listen to to keep the vibes high and surround myself with good vibrations.

27 thoughts on “High Vibe Music. Songs for Spiritual Path of Awakening, Happy, Positive Programming, Good Vibrations

  1. I just started listening to Beautiful Chorus and they are AMAZING ✨ thank so you much Mia for such good song/ artist recommendations.

    Our music choice deffinaty plays such a huge role in the health of our mind, body and soul ❤️

  2. Love this! 💜 Thank you Dragon Queen! 🐉 Do you know of Activation Vibration & her high vibe music? Her name is Heather & I've seen her with some girls you know so I figure you may know her already. I like listening to certain tracks of hers immediately after rising 😌 Sets my whole day

  3. Really wasn’t thinking of the influence of music until today I’ve been listening to “tough”, fighting through music on Lithium but perhaps this is possibly why I’m stuck where I am so, today in the car changing channels for a better influence 🤦‍♀️💁‍♀️✨🕯✨

  4. Thank you very much for this. This was so easy when I was Christian. I loved Christian rap when I was a teen. Now that I am a mystic I have been listening to Hindu mantras and Bakti music but really wanted something in English. This is very helpful!

  5. Love the video! Definitely i am going to listen to the songs you listed. Here are some songs that are also good:
    Imprint of Pleasure – Tube & Berger
    Native Spirit – DJ Taz Rashid
    Minimum – Charlie Cunningham
    Road Holes – Mogli
    Society – Eddie Vedder

  6. Yaaasssss! LOVE MaMuse, Lizzy Jeff and Rising Appalachia! Thanks for a few more to check out. Oooooh, check out Cellular Upgrade (we saw lions remix) great way to start your day ☀️🌙❤

  7. I don’t think hip hop in general makes you aggressive, just the messages being downloaded to the subconscious. There’s a lot of evil music in all genres! Listen to Qveen Herby, she makes some great uplifting rap and hip hop.

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