Getting Started | Python for Beginners [3 of 44]

There’s a few items to install to get up and running. Fortunately, you’ll only need a couple of items. For the full ‘Intro to Python’ course on Microsoft Learn visit:

Sample code:

Extra Resources:
Visual Studio Code:
Python in Visual Studio Code:

Watch the entire series:

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26 thoughts on “Getting Started | Python for Beginners [3 of 44]

  1. Hello, Microsoft developers.
    I created a small telegram channel called "Pyscience" to make my friends like python as me. Please, can you allow me to share this tutorial videos in my channel with all copyright preserved under the name of your channel.
    This will be for educational purposes only. If you agree I will take a screenshot of your agreement and put it in my channel.🙏

  2. I can't access to I can log into my outlook without any issues and I am currently logged in.

    But I can't access above link. It keeps reverting back and kick out me from login to the content after entering my correct credentials. I tried my work email as well as my github account, but I encounter same issue.

  3. Hey…

    I have tried installing the python extension in Visual Studio Code and I keep getting the error message "cannot read property 'uri' of null" What can I do to rectify this error and successfully install the extension.

  4. Got all this working on my laptop, but Visual Studio on my desktop is giving me fits. Every time I open it, it complains "Linter pylint is not installed", then when I click "install", the last line says "AttributeError: module 'numbers' has no attribute 'Number'". Do I actually NEED Linter pylint?

  5. Since this was omitted as an option, likely due to its direct competition to MS VSC, try using PyCharm to code in Python. Best editor available to date. VSC is catching up, however.

  6. I have a question. How do I run Python on my Chromebook? It's all i've got to work with. I installed a Linux app which presents me with terminal but I honestly have no idea what i'm doing.

  7. I hate watching videos. They're too slow and have a LOT of unnecessary information. I guess people love to talk and see themselves on a video. If I looked like they do, I wouldn't want to be on a video. What's with the guy's "sweatshirt"? That's a working-in-the-yard "shirt." If they printed all this material it probably wouldn't take more than two or three pages and I could read it in a few minutes. Videos are for dummies.

  8. Installing python is actually a bit of a pain point for the target audience of these videos. Questions like the following are overlooked here: how do python 2 and 3 exist on the same machine? What is an environment variable and why do I need to assign it? If I'm using a Mac, why are package managers often recommended to download and update python? Why don't I need to assign an environment variable when using a Mac?

    I think a video that walks through the Python installation and compares/contrasts how it works compared to other languages would be helpful.

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