FiveM EUP (Server Side) – FiveM Resource Install/Overview Tutorial

#FiveM #EUP tutorial! Today we are learning how to install EUP for your #Server and explaining what’s required to download it. Have questions? Leave them in the comments! And yes this works on #FivePD

NOTE: For anyone having issues downloading the eup-stream resource use another browser.

0:00 Intro & Requirements
0:50 Downloads
1:50 Installing Into Server
4:00 Testing
5:07 EUP Commands & Overview

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36 thoughts on “FiveM EUP (Server Side) – FiveM Resource Install/Overview Tutorial

  1. For those not being able to pay for EUP you can bypass that requirement by setting the max player count of the server to 8 in the server.cfg and using the canary build of the client (change that on the settings page of the client). I may make a video on how to do this though it would require all your players to change their client settings.

    For anyone having issues downloading the stream resource use another browser.

  2. Hello, I done everything and paid everything.. It works on my server, I type /eup and the menu comes up my player keeps spinning, is there a way to stop that!?! and I go to select a police uniform but the uniforms are completely stuffed up!? They do not contain any police uniform but random ped uniforms with backpacks, helmets and weird stuff. Maybe the stream file is corrupted? please help anyone cheers!

  3. Is it possible to make a serious RP server using custom EUPS. Example: Lets say I wanted to make a New York, or New Orleans themed police dept. Is that possible for fivem serious rp?

  4. Hey so I'm having issues with it, it worked once. I downloaded a pack or two they interfered with each other so I just basically said screw it reinstalled the whole thing went on later tried on an outfit its not even police clothing.. just civ clothing. And Yes I did pay the 20$. Anyway you can help me out?

  5. i have the fivem patreon. I entered the keymaster key on zap hosting but im not able to download the Eup Stream thing to get the eup into my configs… not sure what im doign wrong

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