EVERYONE LOVES THE SUB | OTK SCHOOLED Ep. 4 hosted by Mizkif ft. Yassuo, Cyr, Cr1TiKaL & more!

Welcome to another episode of OTK’s new show Schooled featuring Yassuo, Fundy, Emiru, MoistCr1TiKaL, Nmplol, WillNeff, Kristofer Yee, and Cyr as our next batch of contestants. With our mustached host Mizkif and our substitute teacher, this is gonna be chaotic and cheating-free.

Who do you think we should invite for the next episode?

🔴 Every Monday at 2PM CST
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23 thoughts on “EVERYONE LOVES THE SUB | OTK SCHOOLED Ep. 4 hosted by Mizkif ft. Yassuo, Cyr, Cr1TiKaL & more!

  1. Let k = age of Kim
    Let c = age of Kim's cousin

    Then, given Kim is three times as old as her cousin, it follows that:
    (1) k = 3c

    And, given the age of Kim plus the age of Kim's cousin is 36 years old, it follows that:
    (2) k + c = 36

    Substituting equation (1) into equation (2) we have:
    3c + c = 36
    4c = 36
    c = 36/4
    c = 9

    Therefore, Kim's cousin is 9 years old. K-c closed

  2. I dont wanna be rude, but how the hell can't you get a normal and pretty easy division solved. Didn't you graduate elementary school?

  3. Put all cheaters in a special episode of Detention. Losers have to gift Miz subs the sooner they get knocked out. You can randomize the difficulty of questions K-12.

  4. "Median is determined by ranking the data from largest to smallest, and then identifying the middle so that there are an equal number of data values larger and smaller than it is." What you were asking was the average, Will was right.

  5. For those confused:

    36= Kim's age + cousin's age

    cousin= z or the equivalent= 1z
    Kim= 3 times her cousin's age = 3z

    add them both up: 3z + 1z = 4z

    if 4z=36

    solve above for 1z :
    [ 4z/4 = 36/4 ] -> 1z= 9 for kim's age: 3z = 3(9)= 27

  6. For anyone who didn't understand that last question, I hope this will clear it up.
    We chose to x represent the age of Kim's cousin.
    Kim's age is 3 times her cousin's age, so we can say Kim's age = 3x.
    Kim's age + her cousin's age is 36, so if we put that in a formula it is:
    x + 3x = 36
    x +3x = 4x, so 4x = 36
    This means x = 36/4, thus x = 9
    x represents the age of the cousin, so the age of kim's cousin is 9.

  7. Holy fuck, these people are going to compete for 10 grand on this? I should've been a streamer. I could literally beat these people while they're cheating.

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