[ENG SUB] Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 ep 23-24 preview

Sypnosis: After falling in love with genius programmer Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li gets into the school he once studied at, and also took up the same calculus major. Setting Jiang Yicheng as her role model in her heart, she achieves good grades in school. However after graduation, she did not expect that Jiang Yicheng’s company does not recruit female employees. Lu Li decides to disguise as a man and enter the company. However, she met difficulty both in work, as well as hiding her identity. Finally with her perseverance, she grabbed hold of an opportunity and managed to come to an agreement with Jiang Yicheng. The two would become a “contract couple” and stay together for one year. Slowly, Jiang Yicheng
finds himself falling for Lu Li.

(Source: DramaWiki)

* Adapted from popular comic гЂЉзЁ‹еєЏеЄ›е“Єжњ‰иї™д№€еЏЇз€±гЂ‹”Why Is The Program So Cute”

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13 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 ep 23-24 preview

  1. He better just cry for a year and then only he deserves her… What kind of misfortune she had conducted in her last lofe to suffer this much… But why everyone like FL to suffer in every drama… They both can overcome the problems together…. But no… ML must bully the FL all the time… And all FL has only feelings and emotions and no self esteem ? god writers please bring us something new

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