Devuan + Podman …Together at last?

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29 thoughts on “Devuan + Podman …Together at last?

  1. what do i want more community focus on via tutorials. hmm. firewall appliance, vpn appliance, idp appliance + sso for ssh keys, iam+oauth+socialauth appliances, i would love to see micro open stack, but i think that's a ways off. hum pki appliance. idk love to chat more Wendell

  2. Ahh i remember the days when you just installed apps and they worked and we did not have to piss about with docker and snap and flatpack and all that horrible nightmare .

  3. Hey Wendell nice video. Interesting use of Devuan. That being said it be nice if you could make a more recent Desktop Linux video. With the Steam Deck coming soon a lot of new to Linux users will probably love that.

  4. It would be nice to see more Desktop Linux Wendell.
    In my World, Linux has been THE desktop for over a Decade.
    Side Note: What is this "Linux is not ready for the desktop" nonsense.
    People saying that: Educate yourself.
    Edit: Yea, I know your gonna say Linux is the Kernel. So what is your Desktop?
    Me: Used to be Gnome 2. Now MATE. As Gnome 3 seems to be incoherent.
    If MATE ever went to hell. I'd use XFCE!

  5. Just started playing around with podman a few weeks ago and am currently slowly migrating a lot of my deployments with it, which should also make migrating towards kubernetes sometime in the near future much more manageable since they're CRI-O containers and employ the concept of the "pod"

  6. As a developer that worked with both systemd and TPM, I hate all of the FUD about these features/technologies from people that don't understand what's good for them.
    "The UNIX way" – the world has changed since UNIX, especially when it comes to security.

  7. The jwilder stuff is kinda insecure, but I have actually managed to do something similar, except the nginx reverse proxy (and certbot) were not containerized.

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