Debian 10 Buster Live Gnome Install

In this video I will be installing Debian 10 Buster Gnome Desktop Environment, this will be achieved by using the live ISO which comes with the Calamares installer, this allows for a more updated install process for those who may shy away from the original Ncurses/Graphical installer. This is the last install of Debian showing the different methods available for installing Debian 10. Hope you enjoy the video.

Debian 10 Buster Different Desktop Environment ISOs with Calamares Installer –

Debian 10 Buster Original Ncurser/Graphical Installer –

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6 thoughts on “Debian 10 Buster Live Gnome Install

  1. Looked pretty straight forward until I got to swap partition part.??? Why did you create a swap partition in a Virtual Box/VM install? ? If you don't mind me asking. I look forward to the follow-up vid.

  2. Buster is such an amazing and stable release.
    Serious props to the folks over at Debian.
    Even Sid (which is supposedly unstable) has not failed on me or crashed ones since I installed it (upgraded from Buster) a few months ago.
    Yup, I said months. As in Buster was solid stable even way before its official release.

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