Dark Web Documentary 01 Getting Setup with Tails Linux

Let’s go on a real Dark Web Safari ride in this educational, artistic and scientific documentary. For now, we are just getting set up with Tails Linux so we can use the Tor Browser. More to come 😉

23 thoughts on “Dark Web Documentary 01 Getting Setup with Tails Linux

  1. Great educational video as always. Besides running Tails in a virtual environment, are you also running your system through a VPN and proxy server? If so, this would be great info to know your setup. If not just disregard this question. Thanks again for your knowledge and experiences.

  2. Can you use a VPN while using Tails? … Does this OS (Tails) hide your location. Ie. not showing IP address location/home location. Should you use an encrypted USB for Tails?
    Please help!

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