Brett Tries Developing Perfect Pitch Using This BIZARRE "Programming" Video

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35 thoughts on “Brett Tries Developing Perfect Pitch Using This BIZARRE "Programming" Video

  1. It’s called intervals, it’s in the four star and is required. You listen to one note and mess it up and know the name of the note, then you use your four star knowledge and get the others right.

  2. I don't have perfect pitch and I'm not a trained musician, so my perfectly scientific and absolutely not questionable process is: Happy Birthday starts with CCDCFE. I try to sing it in my brain. I try to see if any of the notes match with the one I heard. If not, from the one I think is closest I drop down or go up by half a tone until I get it. 60% of the times, it works every time.

  3. i think you guys should watch some of sideways' videos. i forgot which video it was but he talked about perfect pitch only being able to develop at a very young age and disproving these kinds of "dEvELoP pErfEcT PitCh" type videos. he might be a bit too musically nerdy for you tho idk.

  4. I started vocal lessons a week ago. my vocal coach asked me if i had perfect pitch, which immediately threw me back when i had piano class as a kid and my piano teacher would ask me the same thing..

    up to this day i don’t know if I do have it. I thought that i might have had the ability to learn it when i was a child; but it should been long gone by now.
    Hearing that Eddy developed Perfect Pitch in Highschool really sparked a little hope in me.

    I don’t think i have it tho. When I did some online tests I geht only around 80% right. AFTER hearing the first note, knowing what it was.

  5. I can tune my guitar by humming the notes I want and then tuning to my voice. So I only have perfect pitch when it comes to E B G D A (and then E again but lower lol) Is there such thing as Situational Perfect Pitch? Limited Perfect Pitch? Lazy Bluegrass Gang Perfect Pitch? 🙂

  6. People are born with relative pitch. I don't think someone can be born with perfect pitch, just because until you have music theory training you would lack the language you need to be able to describe what you are hearing. Also having the musical language itself would increase your sensitivity to different frequencies. Once you know that there are things like scales and intervals and understand why two notes sound nice together and two others sound tense together then you will be able to fine tune your ear much more thoroughly. Like once you know to look for something, it's easier to see. So music theory training is no guarantee that you will get perfect pitch, but you can't have perfect pitch without it.

  7. When I'm testing my perfect pitch, I try and compare the note to A, D, G,and E like the tunings of a violin and find the note through relative pitch from there.

  8. I went down or up the scale each time. then once i got to what I thought to be a G, I sang hot cross buns and marry had a little lamb. Then i proceeded to evaluate it as sharp, flat, or perfect. I counted back up the scale and determined which note of the Bb scale it was (as in 1st 2nd) When I thought I had it figured out I evaluated that and got my answer. This is the process just so on one of them I can say G# instead of Ab.☠

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