antiX 13.2 – Nice n' Light – Debian based!

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11 thoughts on “antiX 13.2 – Nice n' Light – Debian based!

  1. The intent behind antiX was to develope a distro that would work on older machines, and on newer machines.  Our forum has people using machines from the PII on up.  It is extremely customizeable.  If you want it to look almost like winXP, you can do that. From mild to wild, it is all your choice.

  2. Fun fact, IceWM is one of my assets for replacing a Windows 2000/NT/XP machine, as I actually get it down to the configuration files, and if you read the documentation, and allocate a few minutes, you can get a one for one clone of your favorite themes, like the Windows 2000 theme made within ~1 hour, and it looks and preforms the same for most distros. I made a s***ter desktop that rotting in the back of one of my classes into a Windows-User friendly Ubuntu 12.04 machine with IceWM, and for a non-s***ty feel, threw xfdesktop in the startup script for the background stuff, and build an Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy theme for IceWM. It runs as a completely unsuspicious file/SSH/web server. I'm still saddened that my teacher was only familiar with Ubuntu, and not Linux in general, which is why I had to bite the bullet and install Ubuntu instead of Gentoo, and it was so stale and boring to go through the GUI installer. 🙁

  3. Because i appreciate what you are doing, i will tell you a "big" secret. In Russia we consider the drug and nervpoison ethanol (alcohol) as a weapon of genocide. So because i like you, no beer from me, because i don't want to poison you! Stay clean!

  4. I'm a big fan of Crunchbang myself. Community's great and it's stupid fast! I had OS X on my Dell Mini for a while and it was just too heavy and slow but Crunchbang really has made it useful again for things like schoolwork.

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